Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here is baby #3 in his bath towel

I sure hope this comes through so that you are able to view it. I wanted to try and edit my post with the other two grandchildren in their bath towels but I couldn't figure out how to edit a published post. So, here goes. This is James in his towel.
Well, it is very small but it's there. Sorry I can't get it bigger.
Life is pretty good. Today I got to spend more time with my youngest grandson, James, and my daughter, Liz. We even took a nice walk around my neighborhood. What a beautiful day. Unfortunately, Liz goes back to work next week and is a bit upset about it all.
This Sunday I get to spend the day with all six of my children and the 3 babies... and, of course, Jack. We will be having a family barbeque. We are making plans to go out to a brunch on Mother's Day and then on May 20th, we will all be going out together for Meggie's college graduation which is that morning.
I hope to start sharing some of my scrapbook layouts soon. It is my favorite thing to do next to being with my family.
Did anyone watch American Idol tonight?? It was a great show. Very emotional.
It's time to say good night for now. Will be back soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

And, then there were THREE

At 6:25PM, on February 5, 2007, I became a grandmother for the third time. James Finnegan McDermott weighed in at 8lbs.,13oz. Mommy, Liz, had to have a C-section because he was too big for a regular delivery. He looks a lot like his mom did as a baby. Cousins, Abby and Luke, are excited to have him join our family. These pictures were taken on March 25th. Baby James is now 10 weeks old and weighs in at 12 lbs, 9 oz. He was baptized on April 14th. Can't wait to share more pictures. I love being a grandmother- Mimi- can you tell???

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yep, I am back again

For some reason, I cannot sign into my favorite scrapbook board so I continue here.
Guess by now you realize that I love scrapping and everything about it. I look for ideas for layouts in everything. Recently I thought I would like to do a layout based around the Target commercial. To see this commercial, go to:

Target - Less commercial

Summary: Athletic activities mixed with merchandise with the theme of more for less.

Song in the commercial: A Little Bit More
More song info below




A Little Bit More by Jamie Lidell

iTunes link Buy it from iTunes

So, now that I have found it on the internet and put it on my blog, I definitely need to scrap it. Hopefully, will post my outcome soon.

Sharing a picture

This picture came out a bit small. Oh, well. Let me tell you who they are. This is two of my siblings, brother, Mike, and, sister, Tina. It is of my DH, Jack, my 6 children, two son-in-laws and my two grandchildren, Abby and Luke- taken prior to baby James' birth. It is Mike and his wife and their three daughters. It is sister, Tina's DH and 5 of their 6 children. My brother, Joe, and his second wife and daughter were unable to be there but it is his two sons, Joe and Andy, and Andy's wife and baby daughter, my great niece, Anna. It was suppose to be a Baccile(my maiden name) family portrait but unfortunately everyone could not be there. So, here's hoping that we get everyone together soon.

So, what did I do, today?

First off, made sure ALL the kids had school. Two had a two hour delay and two were off yesterday due to the bad weather. Thought I did a good job of getting everyone off and suddenly get a call from Ashley. She gets to her half way point to school and finds out that they had to close due to no electricity!! UGH!
Liz called around 9:30AM and asked me to go with her for baby James' hip ultra sound. We decided to go get some dig. pics printed out at Target first- of the christening, etc.- then head out for a quick lunch- pick up finished pictures, dropped Ashley back home and then to the hospital for the test. His appt. was at 2:30PM but we got there early to feed him before his test. They took him back right on time and, luckily, the pediatric radiologist was there and told Liz the results immediately. He is PERFECT, as we all guessed!! The pediatrician was concerned about hip dysplagia due to his traumatic birth. This can lead to hip displacement and eventual surgery if not taken care of. The doctor thought she heard a "hip click" but all is well. Thank God. BTW, he cooed and smiled through the entire test. Doctor couldn't believe it.
Got home just in time to pick up Michael at the bus stop. Then Meggie had to get a renal ultra sound. (medical day at the Hughes') Meg has had a number of kidney infections and will have to see a urologist. No results from that test yet.
Jack is home late tonight due to yet another dinner meeting. After dinner- homemade chicken noodle soup- I did more preparing- purging and pricing- for the memory lane yard sale. I have more scrapping supplies than hmmm, Payless has shoes?? I don't mind having it all and buying it all. I just need to use it all!!! LOL As I was in my crop room, I realized that I was missing American Idol. So, I sit here typing as I watch. When the heck is Sanjaya going to get voted off of this show?? Singers were ok. It was country night.
So, I am two for two so far as far as posting every day but don't expect it to continue.
Have a good one, everybody and say a prayer for all those at Virginia Tech. Univ.

It's Tuesday,7AM

And I am still blogging. This is a first for me. It was not fun getting the children out the door this AM. Anthony waits till the very last moment to get himself dressed and almost misses the bus every morning. Ashley freaks that she can't find her study notes and she is having a math test and needs those notes or she will flunk the test. Why wasn't she studying them all night long? And, Michael, who when asked numerous times if he was ready and said "yes", is still in bed!!Meggie stayed at a friend's home and will be storming in at any time, trying to find everything that she needs.
Jack is in NYC overnight. Me, I am either going to be seeing baby James today or continue to purge and rid myself of all these scrapping supplies that I will never get to use. I now have a huge pile that needs to be numbered and priced,
Also need to upload some pics of our new grandson so I can share him with you all..
Sure hope that the world news has some good things to say today.
Keep the Faith, everyone.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My first pictures on my new blog

This is my older two grandchildren, Abby and Luke at bathtime last week. Abby was 3 in Jan. and Luke is 19 months old. Joining them is sweet baby James Finnegan who is 10 weeks old today. Will post some pics of him tomorrow.
Hope you like babies as I love posting pictures of mine.
Have a good night.

Getting to know me, again

Well, I forgot my username and password so, unfortunately, have to start a new blog. Sorry, girls. This pretty much stinks since I did have lots of pictures, etc. but here goes.

Name: Maria Elizabeth
Birthday: May 3rd
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pa.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: born very dark brown. Now, thanks to my hairdresser, light brown.
Height: 5'5"
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right
The Shoes You Wore Today: slippers, had a pajama day
Your Weakness: buying scrapping supplies and my grandchildren
Your Fears: dying early like my parents
Your Perfect Pizza: white veggie
Thoughts First Waking Up: Will I get to see one of my grandbabies today
Favorite candy: Dark Chocolate
Do you Sing: sorta- was in choir in grade school, high school and then my church choir.
Are you a Health Freak: used to be but not at all now
Do you play an Instrument: took 8 yrs. of piano
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Do I have to grow up??
What country would you most like to Visit: Italy, hopefully in Sept. '07.
Do you prefer diamonds or pearls: Definitely diamonds
Your favorite actress: Hmmm? not sure. Drew Barrymore(?)
Your favorite actor: depends on what movie I am watching
Your hero: my parents
Favorite music band: Jimmy Buffet
Favorite movie: lots of them.. mostly romance - do not like slapstick comedy.
Do you play a sport: No, but I love basketball

So, that's it to begin with.
If you want to see some pictures, go to my old blog. It is still there, I think: