Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day in Pictures

James and Luke
Luke and Ashley

Meeting an internet friend

On May 18th, I got to meet Carole D., from LasVegas. I "met" Carole on a club scrap scrapbooking board a few years ago. Long story but we ended up sprouting off to another smaller yahoo board and found that we had lots in common. We call each other "twins" although I am almost old enough to be her mom. I eventually signed up as a CTMH consultant under Carole two years ago but it just didn't work out for me.
In April, Carole told us that she was coming to Phila. for a long weekend in May. Diane, who I met a few years ago, offered to pick Carole up at the airport and be her chauffeur for the weekend. The girls stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel and had a glorious time. Barb T. who lives in NJ and is a good friend of mine, is also on the board. It so happened that May 18th was also Jack's birthday. So, Jack and I met Carole, Diane and Barb at the hotel and then we had dinner at the Pyramid Club. A fantastic time was had by all and we left with hopes of doing it again sometime real soon when we had more time to visit. Here is a layout I did with the pictures of our night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adding a few layouts that I recently worked on

This is a layout I did of Abby at Linvilla Orchards in the fall of 2006. I used Tres Jolie from In My Mind's Eye. I also used a few Daisy D rub-ons.

also added a two page layout using the new Hambly overlays as well as some Daisy D rub-ons, Bazill and Basic Grey.
Here is another one I did using BG as well as bazzill and some other random embellishments.

Monday, May 21, 2007

We have another graduate

Yesterday, May 20th was Meggie's graduation day from Cabrini College. Meg graduated with honors with a degree in special ed, elementary ed. Graduation started at 10AM under a tent on the grounds of Cabrini. This campus is just gorgeous and it was a beautiful day although still quite cool in the morning, especially under the tent. Attending was me, Jack, Ashley, Anthony and Michael- Jen didn't come due to the little ones and Liz had a bridal shower for Christa. Plus, one two cars were allowed on campus for each graduate. In the other car was Jenny Carroll, Christina, Angeline, and Eric, Meg's new boyfriend. All went very well and then we came home and had hoagies, etc. Eventually Jennine, Matt, Abby and Luke joined us at home and we toasted the new graduate with champagne. Liz, Jimmy and baby James met us at Primavera Pizza Kitchen restaurant at 5PM plus Steph D. Food was delicious and a great time had by all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, I was wrong

Thought I would not have any time to play- meaning scrapbook- today as baby James is here. But he has been super good and Ashley was off from school today and has been a big help with him.
On one of my scrapbooking boards- Artattack- one of the girls gave us a challenge to use up our stash of stickers by scrapping a sticker only layout- embellishments were allowed. Can I tell you how much fun it was just to slap on stickers? It was weird not using any pictures so it felt a bit more like arts and crafts but I used only "stuff" from my stash. Plus I even used a new acrylic stamp that I purchased at mlpa this past Tuesday. Now, that is amazing for me. I never use my supplies this quickly. It's a fun layout- no wow at all, just play time for me.

Sweet baby James

Is here for the day! Won't be posting much as far as blogging today. Cooler day here in Phila. area.
Getting excited about a visit from a scrapping buddy, Carole, who is coming in from Las Vegas tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I had a great night

And, I'm having a wonderful day today as well. Went to my all time favorite LSS, memory lane, pa. in Quakertown, Pa. yesterday afternoon. Did a bit of scrapping and then went to dinner with Rollie and met Denise and Darlene at the restaurant. Tried a new martini- Bison Grass Vodka with olives. One nasty drink I tell ya. It taste true to it's name, like drinking alcholic grass. Even the olives didn't help- which are the biggest reasons I drink martinis-I'm an old fashion girl- still drink gin martinis. So, waitress was kind enough to take it back and decided on a pomegrante martini, thanks to the reminder of this great drink from friend and scrapping buddy, Heidi. Heaven, just heaven! After a lovely dinner, went back to the store and took Colleen's eternal calendar book. We did the first 6 months and will complete the book in the couple of weeks. This will help me to keep track of birthdays/anniversaries and has pockets to keep cards in the book as well. Class ran a bit late- say, an hour and a half- and then I was cordially invited to stay overnight at the Stilling's home. Rollie and I got to enjoy American Idol- tivo style- can I tell you I so need one of these things- and part of All My Children before I went to bed. Now, for those of you who don't know me, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. One, I'm a little afraid of dogs- Rollie has two nice sized ones- and I do not sleep well at home let alone at someone else's house! Plus it was a bit warm and I feared an anxiety attack would come up me while trying to get some sleep. People, I slept like a baby! LOVING me that fresh country air.
In the morning, we saw Josh off on his school bus, had coffee and played around with Rollie's awesome photo printer and fixed my portable Epson printer. Rollie, thank you so much for printing out a large sized picture of my family from Mother's day! It's da bomb! Taking it to be framed today! Then Rollie helped me with my blog site here. Can you see my new title with picture? Plus, she added a picture of Jack and I in our formal wear from Jack's firm's black tie from a few weeks ago. Then it was off to have breakfast in the most cutest country store in Trumbauersville- Spors! Can they please move to Havertown?? I had a yummy "kitchen sink" omelet with delicious hash browns and WW toast. It was so big I took the leftovers home for lunch. I also took home a couple containers of their homemade soups. I look forward to going back there. Of course, I was so enjoying the country scenery that I went down Trumbauersville Rd. for almost 5 miles before I realized that I went the wrong way!! LOL But, it was worth the detour. Put me in a fabulous frame of mind! Rollie, girl, nails and all, thank you for being such a great friend and listen to me babble away about my family, etc. Love ya!
Now, do I go out and enjoy the sunshine or go scrap and complete some of the things I started yesterday?? Decisions,decisions. Maybe a bit of both.
Have a good one, everybody!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The entire gang went out to brunch yesterday for Mother's Day at the Pyramid Club on top of the Mellon Bank Building at 17th and Market in Phila. Also joining us were Pat and Jim McDermott- Liz's in-laws, Carolyn and Ed Reitter- Jennine's in-laws-as well as Matt's sister, Dolores, her husband, John and their one yr. old daughter, Amy. Here are a few pictures from our fantastic time together.

Been awhile! Sorry!

Well, my birthday and Mother's Day has been here and gone. Everyone is well but for some reason, I just forget to come here to blog. Guess since I am not the bestest of author's, I don't like writing my thoughts that much. Life is good. My family is all healthy and am enjoying scrapping the kids' pictures as they continue to grow and enjoy life.
I did a Mother's day layout of my mom and, while it made me miss her all the more, I enjoyed doing it very much. Here is it.