Sunday, October 28, 2007

So, after a few months, I'm back again

I really did think that as you get older, your life starts to calm down, at least a little bit. Nope, that is not the case in my life. It's crazier than ever. Still enjoying the art of scrapbooking although sometimes drama amongst us scrappers is more than I would like to see. But, it's good, really. I just took two awesome classes with Karen Russell- and she was awesome. One class was all on photography and the other was called "Snapshots of Life" which is a 5x7 mini album with a frame as the cover and an easel as the back. Love it.
Jack is still living in limbo as he doesn't know if he is staying with Janney or not. Just annoys me to no end that they have him interviewing for his management position- his replacement! I don't know how he does it, honestly.
Abby, Luke and James are all doing great. The older two are excited about Halloween. Abby is going to be a horse, Luke a little golfer and James is the Incredible Hulk! Not sure what my own younger three are doing yet but they usually wait till that night to decide and recycle old costumes!
Jennine is happy being a SAHM and now Liz looks forward to when it's her turn to do the same. Meggie is doing well as a new resource room teacher and still dating Eric-aka Booty! She was just asked to be in Jackie Dunn's wedding and is psyched.
I'm going to be attaching a few pictures from our October trip to Florida and then recent fall pics, too.