Monday, June 4, 2007

Michael's day

Tomorrow is Michael's last day of school. The end of 6th grade for him. Today was an Awards assembly. Michael was honored by receiving the Mercy Award for his class. This award is given to a child who shows respect, goes out of his/her way to be kind and helpful to others and is just a good all round student. We are all very proud of him. Way to go, Mike!! Love, Mom
PS- my "baby" is getting so grown up. Soon he will be a teenager. Yikes, three in the house at one time.


Ruby said...

go michael, andyou and jack!! This is very exciting.

stuffie said...

Yea Michael!!!Great Job!! Great job to you, meems, and jack- for doing such an amazing job raising your kids!!

Rachael said...

Yay Michael!!

Rollie said...

Awesome Mike!

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